MEGAWIND aims to improve the positioning of the partners in a sector with a huge growth in the coming years at international level. The development of the project will also have a positive effect on the supply chain around the project partners, for example in the increase of activity in the port of Bilbao, or in the suppliers of raw materials for the manufacture of components, or the application of coatings to new components. In short, to contribute to the positioning of the Basque Country, already recognised as a supply centre for onshore wind energy, as a benchmark in offshore wind energy.

The main objective of MEGAWIND is to develop new solutions for monopiles, the most widely used foundations with the highest market potential, which will be integrated with the new generation of large offshore wind turbines (+15 MW).


The expected result of the MEGAWIND project will be a set of solutions and innovative technologies, both in processes and in products and services, which will respond to the scientific-technological challenges establish by monopile foundations, transition pieces and joint systems between both, in wind turbines larger than 15 MW in offshore wind farms, from the perspective of cost reduction, in order to obtain highly competitive solutions in the market.



TP-MP fastening solutions
Improved handling, assembly
and tightening of large metric
bolts; virtual sensoring of the bolts.


Monopile (MP)
New electron beam
welding process for
large steel structures.


Transition piece (TP)
Design of new transition
pieces and flanges adapted
to XXL monopiles


Surface treatment and protection
Innovative anti-corrosion coatings
and heat treatments for large metric bolts.

Project funded by the Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment of the Basque Government (HAZITEK 2022 Programme) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF 2021-2027).